Meet Your Yoga Teacher

My name is Susa. I'm a yoga teacher based in Quebec City. I teach group lessons in the Old City and online. I am available for private lessons and teaching at companies.
I teach two types of yoga: power yoga and relaxation yoga.

What is Power Yoga?

Power Yoga is the sportiest type of yoga. It makes you sweat. It tones your muscles, burns calories and tightens your core. In addition to a traditional fitness class, power yoga also stretches and lengthens your muscles, massages the internal organs and teaches you how to calm down, focus and relax. Power Yoga trains both your body and mind.

What Happens in a Power Yoga Lesson?

Your lesson starts with a warm up. Getting the body ready for the class is very important for your safety. The warm up will always include Sun Salutations.
Secondly, the class will move onto different standing and seated yoga flows called vinyasa. Each yoga pose, called asana, will work on a specific part of the body. The asanas follow the yoga tradition.
The final part of your power yoga class will be centered around relaxation. Pranayama breathing exercises will be a part of the process. The lessons use music to motivate you and essential oils to create a soothing atmosphere. After the class you feel proud of yourself because you've worked hard, but at the same time you are relaxed and calm.

What Happens in a Relaxation Yoga Lesson?

Relaxation yoga starts with a warm up. Then we move thru yoga poses in a low impact way looking for stretching and lengthening more than muscle work. Relaxation yoga has deeper and longer stretches, uses breath work and guided meditation to enhance relaxation. It is a good way to counter balance an active lifestyle, invite more calmness into your life or even start a soft wellness practice.


I teach lessons both in English and French.

My Training and Credentials

I am a certified power yoga teacher from Aura Wellness Center in Massachusetts, USA. I have taught yoga for five years. My desire to teach yoga came from my own discovery of how yoga improved my physical and mental well-being. I wanted to help others reap the same benefits. I believe that we can find happiness, but we have to work for finding it.
Safety is my main concern. I was trained to give specific advice and modifications. I am a member of the Canadian Yoga Alliance (#8238) as well as an insured yoga teacher.
Susa Sparkle Yoga is registered at the Registraire des entreprises (NEQ: 2274874967).

How Much Does It Cost?

* Group lessons (online max 6 yogis/class, in-person max 10 yogis/class):
- Session of ten 60-minute power yoga lessons cost $150.
- Five 60-minute lessons cost $85.
- If you pay per class the price is $20.

* Private lessons: $35 per hour